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3 Ways That Volunteering With Feeding Westchester Can Help Differentiate Your Organization Against Competitors


It’s no secret that giving back to the community is a win-win for all who are involved. Not only does volunteer work help improve the community, but it also provides perks to the volunteers themselves. In fact, research has found that volunteering makes people feel healthier, happier and less stressed. Similarly, corporate philanthropy has proved to be beneficial all around, from the community to the company’s employees and brand.

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of a company’s culture, and it has the power to strengthen the business while simultaneously bettering the community. With seemingly endless options for volunteering, you may be wondering just what your brand should be putting its philanthropic efforts toward. Here are three reasons why volunteering with Feeding Westchester can help give you a leg up against your competitors.

1. Helps build a better company culture

Organizations that are engaged with their communities foster an environment of engaged employees. Engaged employees have been shown to benefit the company in a variety of ways, including increased productivity and better relationships with supervisors. Happier employees can even benefit the company’s bottom line. At the same time, participating in charitable team-building activities outside the office often makes employees feel more connected to their colleagues and the company itself. 

Feeding Westchester hosts group volunteer events that give employees a chance to experience what it’s like to help feed food-insecure individuals and families firsthand. Getting your employees involved in our mission to end hunger in Westchester will translate to happier employees, and happy employees tend to be more productive at work and feel a greater sense of loyalty to their company

2. Helps attract new talent 

Potential hires are more likely to embrace organizations that make corporate philanthropy a focus. Research has shown that millennials, who have represented the majority of the U.S. labor force since 2016, are drawn to companies with brands they respect over companies with strong bottom lines. A survey from America’s Charities found that 71% of employees feel that a work culture that’s supportive of giving and volunteering is very important. 

The research indicates that companies have a better chance of recruiting top talent if they are committed to building a positive company culture with initiatives such as corporate social responsibility programs. Working with Feeding Westchester has the power to build corporate morale while at the same time giving employees the chance to help feed local families in need.

3. Helps build customer loyalty

An added perk to giving back is that aligning your organization with a well-respected nonprofit can also help elevate your brand in the eyes of potential customers and clients. Here at Feeding Westchester, we’re proud to be a part of the Feeding America network — the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. As a well-established nonprofit in Westchester County, we work hard to supply 95% of all food distributed across the county’s food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and day care and residential programs. 

Feeding Westchester goes beyond providing the next meal for those in need. Our efforts include work with hospitals for chronic disease screenings, life-skill and job training programs, and advocacy for the preservation and improvement of the public “safety net” programs. With 11,000 volunteers dedicating nearly 30,000 hours of their time annually, our volunteer base is at the heart of everything we do. 

Our corporate partners are vital to our volunteer program, and we often host group events such as our Corporate Food Packing Experience. There are also a variety of ways that you can help Feeding Westchester remotely, including joining or starting a virtual fundraiser. If you work in the food service business, we welcome corporate donations of food and household products, and we invite your organization to join our Food Recovery Program

Corporate philanthropy is a wonderful way for your employees to connect with their community, your organization and one another. The bottom line is that employees and customers want to support organizations that they respect, and a commitment to social good will benefit everyone involved. 


Another important way your organization can help out feeding Westchester is by helping with donations or fundraising. Together we can keep Westchester County residents hunger-free.