Food Education: Healthy Foods at a Low Cost

One of the most common diet misconceptions is the idea that in order to eat healthy, you need to spend a lot of money. Research shows that when consumers compare two food products, many of them automatically assume that the more expensive product is healthier. But in reality, more expensive doesn’t always mean healthier, and it’s very possible to eat nutritiously without going over your budget.

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Food Education: The True Meaning of Expiration Dates

Best if used by, use-by, sell-by ... The variety of label terminology on food packaging can be confusing. Should expiration dates be followed closely or loosely? Let’s explore the true meaning of expiration dates in this installment of our food education blog series.

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Food Education: Grocery Shopping on a Small Budget

Sometimes people assume that the only affordable food options are unhealthy ones, but the truth is that you can grocery shop on a budget and still be able to keep nutritious food in your fridge. It simply requires some consumer savviness and food education, so today we’re sharing five tips for grocery shopping on a small budget.

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